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Toika was founded already in 1898 and has been run by the same family since then.

The company's first products were weaving reeds. In 1898 the first reed machine was bought by Gustaf Pihlgren. In the picture, Fritjof Pihola, the son of Gustaf Pihlgren, is standing beside the first reed machine.

In 1920 the company moved to Toijala to be closer to its customers. The product range grew to cover the most important weaving equipment.

After the second world war the manufacture of hand looms began.

In 1960 Toika began its export. In the 1970's the Loimien Lomassa magazine for weavers started to appear and the Toika weaving courses for foreigners started.

The company has always attended trade fairs in Finland and abroad. Until 1987 the name of the company was Toijalan Kaidetehdas.

On summer trade fairs in Finland the Toika car was a common sight.

In the 1980's the computer loom and the pneumatic loom were developed. The Norwood workshop looms were added to the product range in the 1990's.