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Computer looms

Toika has produced computer controlled looms for more than 30 years. The weaving boxes, connected either to new looms or older countermarch looms, have become really popular due to their service reliability, handiness and versatility.

Attach the box to the beams, tie the shafts to the unit, connect it to a PC or laptop and start weaving. It is easy to design and carry out a pattern with WeavePoint 7 program. All the tie-up options are available at all times. The unit takes care of the necessary tie-ups. You only use one pedal that changes the shed. No effort is needed on the pedal, because the unit controls the shed opening.

Selecting one of the three weaving modes is easy: fast, normal and slow. The type of the work and the personal habits determine which mode is best. The boxes move in two directions, which enlarges the shed. In addition, Toika boxes even the shed automatically as the motion of the further shafts is larger than the closer ones.

 Learn more about our computer unit here.


Shop and Showroom

Welcome to the prettiest shop in the town of Akaa to look for materials and ideas for your handicrafts. We are located conveniently between Tampere and Hameenlinna. It is easy to drop by.



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