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Beam aprons

Beam aprons are available for looms in all sizes. We deliver beam aprons with finished edges and, on request, with eyelets for cords (1406). If a loom is ordered with beam aprons, we fasten them on the warp and cloth beam for you.


Rubber stoppers

Rubber stoppers prevent the beater from hitting the side parts of the loom, when using an underslung beater. These are mounted in pre-drilled location holes in the side frames.


Warp sticks

Warp sticks are available in weaving widths 70, 80, 100, 120 and 150 cm (27 1/2", 31 1/2", 39 3/8", 47 1/4" and 59"). They are delivered in bunches of 50 pcs.


Locking device for two extra long treadles

This device is used for locking treadles in a wide loom together with extra long treadles (10140). It is fastened on the front rail and holds two extra long treadles.


Holders for shafts

Hang these holders at the back of your loom to keep extra shafts, treadles, lamms and warp sticks in order.


Double warp beam and back beam

An extra warp beam can be fastened to the Eeva and Liisa looms, enabling you, for instance, to create warp patterns. Any loom with two warp beams should also have two back beams to prevent the yarns from clinging to each other.


Sectional warp beam and Loimi tension box for sectional warping

When you are using a sectional warp beam, you wind the warp direct to the beam in sections. A sectional warp beam is a standard beam mounted with four rails, which have metal loops every two centimeters (or 1") for dividing the warp into sections. The measure around the sectional warp beam is 75 cm (29 ½"). Rails are also available separately. For sectional warping a tension box is needed to keep the warp threads taut and in order.

For sectional warping a tension box is needed to keep the warp threads taut and in order. The box is fastened to the back beam of the loom. One of the warp threads goes round the tension box's counter to give the length of the warp. In case you need to undo part of the warp, the counter will compensate for the length undone.


Warp beam with flange

If you want to use extra long warps, a warp beam with a flange is convenient. The beam is fitted to the loom with supporting pieces, which makes it possible and easy to remove the beam for specialist warping operation. The warp beam is available in weaving widths 100, 120, 150 and 200 cm for Eeva, Liisa and Terhi looms.

Fly shuttle device

A fly shuttle device increases the speed of weaving. The device is attached to the beater. It can be fitted to a Liisa or Eeva loom with weaving width 100, 120 or 150 cm (39 3/8", 47 1/4" or 59") with hanging or underslung beater. A special fly shuttle is used with the fly shuttle device. The fly shuttle device for the hanging beater is in one piece and for the underslung beater in two pieces.



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