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Terhi loom

TERHI is a solid rug loom with extra strength wooden components and metal warp and cloth beams. Terhi can be fitted with compressed air activated beater and take-up mechanism.


Terhi is a countermarch loom available in weaving width 200 cm (78 7/8"). Terhi can be equipped with 4 or 8 shafts. Normally the amount of treadles is the same as the amount of shafts, but a different amount of treadles is also possible.

Terhi is delivered with standing beater, cog wheel for warp tensioning and bench. Terhi can be fitted with a compressed air activated beater and take up mechanism.

Weaving width Total width  Weight (appr.)
185 cm 220 cm 160 kg
Height Depth Depth with bench
153 cm 136 cm 170 cm

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