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bobbin winder B and B2

When weaving with boat shuttles a bobbin winder is useful for making the shuttle bobbins. The manual bobbin winder is available with normal (B 1418) and heavy spindle (B2 1419). Its rotation ratio is 1:18. The bobbin winder has a brass wheel and its weight is 430 g (15 oz). Keeping the bobbin wider well-oiled increases the efficiency and life length of the bobbin winder. Spare wheels are available separately.


Device for making lace bobbins

There is a wooden device available for making lace bobbins. This device is used together with the bobbin winder B with normal spindle.

Teho electric bobbin winder

With the Teho electric bobbin winder shuttle bobbins for boat shuttles are made fast and easy. Teho is delivered with a clamp, a wooden motor support and an adjustment key. The power is 90 W and its electricity 220 V. The weight of the bobbin winder is about 3 kg (6 1/2 lbs).


Ball winder

The ball winder is a handy tool for weavers and knitters. The ball winder winds approximately 100 g (4 oz) balls.



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