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Polyester heddles

Polyester heddles are machine made, non-stretching and durable. They are delivered in bundles of 100 pieces.

Polyester heddles are available in different sizes:

  • heddles for Tiny-Liisa childrens loom (1815): 16 cm/1.2 cm (6 1/3", 1/2")
  • heddles for Leena table loom (1820): 22 cm/1.2 cm (8 5/8", 1/2")
  • heddles for Workshop looms (1826): 26 cm/1.2 cm (10 1/4", 1/2")
  • heddles for floor looms (1828): 28 cm/1.2 cm (11", 1/2")
  • heddles for computer looms (1834): 33 cm/1.2 cm (13", 1/2")
  • long-eyed heddles for draw looms (1833): 33 cm/6.4 cm (13", 2 1/2")
  • pattern heddles for draw looms (1854): 54 cm/1.2 cm (21 1/4", 1/2")

Metal heddles are also available for the Workshop looms. Their length is 26,8 cm (10 1/2") and eye 0,8 cm (1/3"). Metal heddles are delivered in bundles of 100 pcs.


Linen tie-up cord

Linen cord can be used for the tie-up of a loom. The cord is available in two sizes: number 4 (thicker) and number 6 (thinner). A ball holds approximately 100 grams.


Texsolv polyester cord set

The Texsolv cord set for the tie-up of a countermarch loom holds a cone of 50 m (19 5/8”) polyester cord and 50 straight pegs & 50 anchor pegs. The pegs replace the knots in linen cords. Instructions for the tie-up of a loom are included in the package. Polyester cord and pegs are also available separately.


Ready cut polyester cord sets

The ready cut polyester cord sets for the tie-up of Toika looms include pre-cut pieces of cord, anchor pegs and nstructions in colours. Choose your own cord set according to your loom model and amount of shafts:

  • LIISA 4, 8 or 12 shafts, countermarch (1842-1844)
  • EEVA 4, 8 or 12 shafts, countermarch (1846-1848)
  • JAANA 4 or 8 shafts, countermarch (1840-1841)
  • LAILA 6 shafts, countermarch (1849)
  • EEVA 4 shafts, counterbalance (1866)

Polyester cord for harness looms

Polyester cord without holes is available in two colours for harness looms. A cone of cord holds 500 meters.



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