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Integrated Loom ES24IL


 For over the past three decades, Toika of Finland has been developing and manufacturing computer assist looms—now known throughout the world for for their reliability, ease of use and efficiency.

Three years ago, we introduced the new ES series of looms with increased power, contemporary electronics, and improved user friendliness.

Now we are carrying technology further forward with the introduction of the 24 shaft 80 cm ES24IL, a loom which introduces further automation into a hand weaver’s world, increasing precision and reducing fatigue.

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Computer Controlled  shafts:  Like its larger siblings, the ES24IL allows the weaver to use  Weavepoint or Fiberworks software to design projects easily, connect the computer to the dobby and get to work.  The  computer then raises and lowers the shafts according to the project design:  this is all done with a tap of one pedal.  No heavy treadles to push.  Another ES feature is that the loom automatically opens the shed progressively wider – front to back – resulting in a nice even shed.

Automatic Warp Advance and Tightening:  This is a new feature for the IL.  The warp and cloth beams on the IL are motorized and this allows the weaver to move the warp forwards and backwards with the push of a button.  After the warp is moved, it is automatically tightened to the desired tension.  Tension is easily adjusted to the project at hand.    For winding the warp onto the warp beam,  the weaver can remain in front of the loom as the warp is automatically wound onto the beam – all of this becomes a one-person operation.

Automatic Beater:  The IL model also features a motorized beater which guarantees a consistent density of the weft, while speeding up weaving and reducing fatigue.   The pressure of the beat is easily and precisely adjusted for all sorts of projects from rag rugs to gauze like fabric.



Hobby Weavers;  Its 80cm compact size fits into all kinds of rooms and studios.  All designing, preparation, dressing can be done easily by one person.  Opens up a wider world of patterns, complexity and design for enjoyment of the hobby.

Designers:  ES24IL opens up a fast and easy way to test new patterns and materials.  Also offers an efficient way to test alternative densities for warps and materials.  The loom is easy to adjust for all kinds of materials.

Production Weavers:  Easily allows the production of stable fabric as well as versatile and complex patterns efficiently and cost effectively.

Teaching Environments:  The ease and speed of use makes the IL an ideal loom for advanced students.  Moreover, the versatility of the loom  makes it easy for multiple students to use it as well as a single student to experiment with different wefts, tensions, and patterns.

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