DesignaKnit 8 for Windows

Software for designing knitted garments and stitch patterns for hand and machine knitting, downloading stitch patterns to a knitting machine and interactively following on-screen instructions while knitting.

Fittingly Sew – software for pattern drafting

Fittingly Sew is a specialist program for designing and drafting sewing patterns to give a perfect fit. A wealth of features gives you the power of professional CAD at a fraction of the usual cost. The program is available for either Windows or Macintosh platforms.

WeavePoint 8 for Windows

WeavePoint is the easiest and fastest way to integrate a computer into your weaving. WeavePoint lets you quickly produce patterns and colorways for all the main loom systems, from tie-up and table looms to dobby and industrial shaft looms, and is a very efficient tool for trying out new ideas and techniques in a systematic way. For using WeavePoint also in production, interface options for various loom control systems are available.