Liisa Loom

LIISA is descended from the original Toika and is a solid and reliable countermarch loom. While Liisa usually is shipped with an underslung beater, an overhead beater kit is available as an option. Liisa is sturdy enough for a steady diet of rugs, yet gentle enough for a sheer transparent fabric.

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Liisa is a countermarch loom available in weaving widths 80, 100, 120 and 150 cm (31 1/2″, 39 3/8″, 47 1/4″ and 59″).

Liisa can be equipped with 4, 8 or 12 shafts (16 on order). Normally the amount of treadles is the same as the amount of shafts, but a different amount of treadles is also possible.

Liisa is delivered with standing beater and Liisa bench. The Liisa bench is standard on the Liisa although the adjustable Eeva bench may be substituted. Liisa can be fitted with a variety of supplementary items of equipment.

Weaving width Total width Weight (appr.)
80 cm 117 cm 90 kg
100 cm 137 cm 100 kg
120 cm 157 cm 110 kg
150 cm 187 cm 120 kg
Height Depth Depth with bench
153 cm 136 cm 170 cm





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